Hey guys, "no signal recognized" on Monitor, HD 7970

I bought the Sapphire hd 7970 oc edition and it arrived today. I installed it and when I start my computer my monitor stays black with a "no signal" warning. I've pluged it to the HDMI port, and the other ports to no avail.

The monitor was working today on my crossfire hd 5770. I'm at my wit's end, since I can't access the BIOS or anything.

Corsair 750 modular PSU
x4 Black Edition Processor
Formula IV Mobo
8 gb of ddr3 ram
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  1. I assume you plugged in the 2 6-pin power connectors and the card is firmly inserted in the slot. Is the fan spinning?
  2. The two fans are spinning. Everything seems to be working. I think I might have not fully removed the old drivers. I'm going to insert one HD 5770 card again and boot in safe mode to see if I there are any remnants. Other than that I don't know what to do.
  3. I think I pinned it down. The crossfire iv is peculiar in that it requires me to use a specific PCI-E slot, I'm going to plug this in tomorrow and check it out. Hopefully it works. A_A
  4. Yeah. It sucks to troubleshoot GPUs when you don't have internet.
  5. My Sapphire 7950 OC edition did the exact same thing when I first got it. Took out my 5850, put in the 7950 and couldnt get anything on the displays. Rechecked the 6 pin connectors and they were fine. Reseated the card and still couldnt get anything. I put my 5850 in to narrow it down to see if I had somehow damaged the motherboard or if it was truly the video card and my 5850 came right on. I was about to RMA the 7950 but I figured I'd give it one more try. Put it in and it immediately came on. Not sure what the issue was with the first few tries. I'd recommend just reseating the card a few times and be sure to use the right PCI-e slot.
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