Problems with a HIS 4670AGP ICEQ

I am having an odd problem with this card model in which whenever I go fullscreen on Twitchtv, Justintv, certain daily motion videos, the quality becomes horribly pixelated, and it starts stuttering and causing screen tearing. I;ve got the lsatest drivers for it and AGP hotfixes included, but no matter what I do I can't seem to correct the problem. Odd thing is, the videos are completely fine when the video size is small, but only happens when I full screen it.
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  1. scout_03 said:

    Unfortunately, I've already downloaded this hotfix and there still seems to be the same problem.
  2. post a link of one of those video
  3. As far as videos go they're random, but it happens all the time with any streamed video on twitchtv whenever I set it to fullscreen. Videos stream perfectly fine when I have it at the default size. If I were to try and post a video in which I could show you how this happen, it would take a while to hunt one down.

    EDIT: Ok, so I did a bit of looking and basically any one of these videos set to fullscreen give me the effects I described in the OP when set to fullscreen. Again, when viewed at its default size, the videos run completely smooth and free of any artifacts, screen tearing, or pixelization even at HQ.
  4. when you put it in full screen check parameters and enable hardware acceleration for flash player and this is the last flash version 11,2,202,233 so check these setting since the video work well for me
  5. First of all, I gotta say thank you for taking time to try and help me, but to the point; I made sure flash player was up to date and that hardware acceleration was enabled- and they were. Nonetheless, the problem still persists. I've tried disabling hardware acceleration, restarting the browser, and it the problem is even worse in some cases.
  6. did you use firefox 12.0
  7. I use Google chrome as my default browser, but I DO have Firefox up-to-date, and have tried it as well...with the same results in exactly the same cases. I'm sort of thinking the problem has to do with a video codec, but I wanted the opinion of someone with more expertise than myself in such things. Needless to say, I'm stumped. Let me know if you need anymore information to help pinpoint and I'll try my very best to provide. And again, thanks for your help. :)
  8. check if there is some codec available for your card on amd
  9. I didn't see anything that would help the situation. They do have a Video Codec package, but they're all transcoders and converters.
  10. media codec pack that is the one you should try
  11. Downloaded the package and still the problems persist.
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