$2500 3d/2d Workstation

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to finalize a build for my future workstation. Could you check this out and give me your feedback ?


My daily work use of course the Adobe Suite.
PS, AE and C4D are always launched, and I'm constantly switching between those with heavy hd layered PS files open, rendering in C4D, copying and pasting, tweaking things in AE, sometimes using VRay etc.
I also experiment a lot with 3ds Max Particle Flow and Softimage ICE.

I'm pretty sure about the processor and the amount of ram that I need. But I really need advices on the graphic card, the ram frequency, the psu, and the use of ssd's.

Is a 670GTX will be better ?
Should I take 1833Mhz or 2133 Mhz Memory ?
Is a 850w psu enough or too much for my build ?
Will it be better to take two 128G SSD's one for the system and one for projects than one 256G ?
Etc, etc...

In advance, many thanks to the community!
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  1. if you need quadro, get this


    if you dont need quadro cards get this


    an good alternative to the quadro card will be the gtx 580
  2. Thanks TheBigTroll.

    Honestly I can't afford any Quadro cards, and everyone keeps telling me it doesn't worth the extra cash...
    Do you think the GTX560 with 2gigs is not enough ?
    I will think about the 670 or the 580.

    I've read around that GTX6xx series are kind of buggy with Autodesk's software, any input about that ?
  3. Lots of talk about quadro vs. geforce, but I've read from lots of people in the Autodesk forums that the geforce cards work great for them. I'd say not worth the extra cash unless your cash is disposable.

    My $.02:
    - I think you could put some of that motherboard cash into a better GPU, like the 670 or 580. Thats a good board, but so are the less expensive ASRock boards (Extreme6 or higher for 8 DIMM slots).
    - Don't get 1833 or 2133 memory, I'd get 1600. Severe diminishing returns with faster memory.
    - 2 vs 1 SSDs is up to your preference. I feel more organized with 2, but the word on the street is that the larger SSDs offer a little more speed than their equivalent smaller drives. But I can't stand storing system files and data/images/project files on the same drive.

    Best of luck, looks like fun.
  4. gtx 580 has more compute power than the 680 but then if you dont need compute power, id get the 670. there arent many bugs with 600 series cards. if there are, nividia finds them pretty quickly and patches it with a new driver
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