Help needed choosing components for new build.

I am selling parts from my old macs and pcs to build a future proof budget pc that's upgradable. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some help deciding on what components to choose. My budget is roughly £350, I have already bought windows 7 home premium & norton antivirus. so take that out of the costs.

I will be using this computer for video converting, web browsing, backing phones & cameras, web developing and photoshop. So I need specs that will be as fast as I can get it for these tasks.

I would like it to be microATX bit it doesn't have to be. I was thinking of getting a small SSD as a boot drive, maybe 32/64GB and a larger SATA HDD for backing up pictures, music & videos but don't know if it needs to be SATAII OR SATAIII. I'm also after a motherboard that is cheap but will allow quad core processors, I would have to get the cheapest quad core available because I have a tight budget but would like it upgradable to a much faster speed in the future. Also I would like to get 4GB RAM but like it upgradable to 32GB if possible. I just need a graphics card that will let me us aero in Windows 7 and play 1080p video easily, not hardcore gaming so don't need an expensive GPU.

I would like a 1080p monitor, the cheapest possible, Could drop down to 720p to keep cost down if I had to. A wired mouse & keyboard that are comfortable to use.

If there is anything I have missed or could somebody please correct me?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. maybe around £550 you could do it.
    i5 quad CPU is £147
    Z77 MB £70
    quality case/PSU £75
    optical £12
    500G HDD £40
    64 G SSD £50
    Monitor 1080p £105
    4gb Ram
    basic GPU HD 6670 £50
  2. Fill out the new build form in the new build section of the forum if you want advice.

    So you want a 1080p monitor, a computer with a quad core, graphics card and a SSD, including a regular hd, mouse and keyboard for 350.

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