serial ATA

does anyone one know if this new hard drive system will be available for laptops soon?
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  1. Not likely. After all, what would be the point?

    Then again, I could be wrong.

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  2. We saw the Fujitsu 2.5" 9.5mm Serial ATA 5400 RPM hard drive at IDF, from what we were told, expect the first application for this drive to be for "blade servers" and don't expect to see serial ATA in a mobile chipset till late 2003, or early 2004.

    From what we saw at IDF, we saw no indications of a mobile chipset that was going to support serial ATA before then.

    Seems like a logical next step, but once again it would appear that mobile is behind the curve on the new technology.

    Also, to expand upon your question - we saw no indication of any developments on the mobile drive front as well. Right now the 60GB 9.5mm 5400 drives are going to be the top dogs for a bit. Development continues on 80GB 9.5mm drives, but that is going to be tough given the current technology, but possible. As far as speed goes, everyone was pretty quite about that, right now IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu all just got to 5400 RPM and a jump to 6200, which is what they are shooting for is proving VERY hard.
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