Any Samsung 191T Owners Out There?

When you got yours, was it at its maximum height right out of the box? If not, I'm having a real hard time adjusting mine...I suppose I'm afraid of breaking it by applying too much pressure. Thanks...
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  1. I just got mine two days ago and it was at the lowest height out of the box. Just by lifting mine by the bezel it lengthened. Seems like it is on some kind of spring or shock absorber. I can push it down if I want with not much effort. Since I havent had the need to really adjust the height I cant say why you may be having trouble. Maybe someone else has something to add to this.

  2. Yeah I have one too. No problems here with adjusting the height of the monitor. If it feels stuck I would take it back to where you got it.

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  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your input.
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