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Hi, I have just installed Nero 5.5 and inCD for a friend on his Win98SE machine (after fighting with PacketCD first to completely remove it).
After successfully installing that software we performed a routine housekeeping exercise, cleaning out all the usual places rubbish gathers.
After rebooting and testing Nero and CD-RW functions we rebooted again, then ran defrag.
Since defragging every reboot leads to a 0E exception error at 0177:BFF83BFC. The application affected is Windows and no vxd's are mentioned on the blue screen.
Hitting "any other key..." to continue allows the machine to reach the win98 desktop, but 50% of the time a CTRL+ALT+DEL is needed and the dialog shows "explorer" as not responding.
If anyone has any ideas what the 0177 series of errors refers to I'd be grateful.
Many thanks
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  1. Seems like a system file as been corrupted during the defrag, you may need to reinstall Windows over the existing installation.

    Hope that helps.

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