Is this GTX 460 a V1 OR V2?!

Hey Community!

Recently, I have been extremely frustrated between the V1 and V2 of the GTX 460's. I bought a V2 and it couldnt SLI with my V1 (I didnt know it was a V2) so I refunded it.
Now here is my question: Is this graphics card a V1 or V2?

I am currently using this graphics card:
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    Thanks for the quick response.

    Just a few questions: The SLI option from the Nvidia control panel does not show up until I have put two of the graphic cards into the motherboard, correct?
    And also, why is this MHZ so low compared to all the other ones? I've been told MHZ does not matter but 675 MHZ does seem a bit low..
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  3. More like the MSI one is high :) MSI is highly overclocked HAWKS version, that's why it comes in higher clock speed. Asus one has stock clocks.
  4. The easiest way (and perhaps the only way) to tell between V1 and V2 is to look at the detailed specs of the card and check the memory bandwidth. V1 is 256-bit and V2 is 192-bit.
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