Advice - Requirement: 16GB+ RAM

Hi guys,

I have a very RAM intensive custom software. I require 16GB+ (more the better).

Can anyone recommend a prebuilt (or barebones) system that I can purchase that has minimum 16GB capacity?

The cheaper the better!

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  1. If you are running a program that has a 16gig requirement you do not want to go cheaper. You are pretty much looking at workstation class systems.

    Dell XPS goes to 16 gig. The home Inspiron models max out at 8gig.
  2. Hi Thanks for your advice. I'll take a look at XPS range

    The thing is I'm not after a hefty video card or super fast HDD etc.

    Just want the cheapest barebones system (mobo + CPU) that can take 16GB+
  3. Yeah, Dell XPS 8500 sounds good for you. The video card is not that good, its worth like $50, and the HDD is fairly basic.
  4. Hey thanks for the suggestions!! Really appreciated! :-)

    unfortunately Some of the options are not readily available in the UK but such is life!
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