Hey guys I was thinking whether the AMD FX-8150's Stock cooler capable of keeping CPU cool like playing games like MOH Warfighter or Battlefield 3 or Metro 2033 or Crysis 2? If yes what max temp will it get?
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  1. At stock settings, yes. Max temp will be high 50's unless you have the rig in a hot room.

    Once you start overclocking the stock cooler is useless.
  2. Actually, the stock heatsink included with the FX-8150 is pretty good and you can mildly OC with it. However, I don't recommend this course of action.

    If you plan to OC, get something like a CM Hyper 212 EVO. You just don't want to take chances with your CPU.
  3. I will not be overclocking will it be good?
  4. Yep. You are good to go. Enjoy!
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