AMD Radeon HD6970 2gb or Gtx 580 3gb?


These are my specs: MD Eight 8-Core FX 8120 cpu 1TB HD 8GB ram Gaming Computer HDMI Desktop PC

I can choose amd radeon 6970 2gb or gtx 580 3gb, which one is better for 2560x1440 res gaming ? =D

Thank You
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  1. I wouldnt recommend either. The HD7870, HD7950 and HD7970 are all much better options in the same price range.
  2. 7970 or 7950. You might also want to overclock your processor to ensure you get the full performance out of the game and hardware.
  3. So are these the best options? and what fps am i expecting to get with one of those graphics card in bf3 at max settings at 2560x1440 res? and is it future proof?
  4. For BF3 in that resolution you will be better off getting a 680 or 7970.
  5. bump, need more debate people please.
  6. Just as a hint, bumping is illegal, and the moderators will come and find you, and get you lol.

    BF3 at max settings at that resolution would entail a much more powerful graphics card than that. I would go with a 7970 or the 680 is you can find it.
  7. Use google to search up benchmarks.
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