Asus Xonar DGX and Sennheisser PC 350 Headset

Hi everyone!

I just got an ASUS Xonar DGX sound card and a Sennheiser PC 350. I was super excited because I heard that the headset was supposed to be amazing. As for the sound card, I admit, it's not the best soundcard out there but I know that it's not the worse.

I got everything hooked up. Downloaded the latest sound card drivers. Plugged in my headset. Got Skyrim started, and ... dissappointment.

The sound was subpar. There was almost no bass, the game sounded muffled. It was not was I was expecting from a $200 headset.

My question: Anyone else out there know how to best set up the sound card with the headset?
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    I had the PC350 for a while, paired with the more upscale Xonar Xense.

    The PC350 is "meh" at best. Sound doesn't isolate particularly well, inconsistent bass (weaker then I like at least), and flat out not as good as cheaper headphones I've head. They'd be a decent buy at under $100, but I really can't recommend spending much more then that on them.

    That being said, they "do" require a bit of time to burn in, so after several dozen hours, they should loosen up a little. Also make sure you are using the DGX's amp, as that should help properly drive the headset.
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