Asking about CPU need a direct answer :)

1st of all my uses for my new pc will be:
- internet browsing.
-video streaming.
-gaming (wow-Dota 2-starcraft 2-BF3-counter strike global offensive).
-engineering applications(Civil 3d 2013-Revit structure 2013-Google earth-WaterSheds modelling system-maybe some 3d max but very limited usage same as photoshop).I DONT USE RENDERING but i dunno about the futre if there will be LIMITED rendering or wont be at all.
-downloading so i need almost a 24/7 turned on pc.
-i may do all that togther at the same time sometimes.
MY questions are:
1-Do i need hyperthreading.
2-Do i need over clocking.
3-Do i need more than 6mb cache.
4-Do i need Z77 instead of H77 even if im NOT going with K choice,i mean will Z77 make any performance diffrence if its not a K cpu.
5-if im not using over clocking cuz i dont like it anyways,will i need higher than 3.4 ghz clock core by anychance?.

Note:provide the answer with the applications that needs hyperthreading or overclocking and if it will make a HUGE diffrence for now or in future please :)

i need a very direct answer with yes or no as a start then some professional details if u Know,OFC any answer is appreciated in this lovely forum tho :)
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  1. 1. Some if not all your engineering should benefit from the extra threads, otherwise beside maybe BF3, nothing else will really put the extra threads to work.

    2.Well no one "needs" to overclock, it's really just something you can attempt if you really want to go for some extra speed. I say overclock if you really want to, but you don't need to do anything if you don't want to.

    3.Not sure if any of those applications benefit from having more then 6MB of cache, but i think you'll be find in that department.

    4. The only real difference if feature set, actual performance of your CPU will say the same on both boards (unless you plan to overclock, then the H77 should suffice). Also you're going with a non-K series chip, so that gives you even more of an incentive to not go for the higher end chipset.

    5. Well no, you don't have to go above any speed if you don't want to, generally yes, the higher the clock speed, the faster the CPU can do it's job hence increasing performance. Granted it's to broad a question, considering not all software is created equal, you'll have some software that pefers operating on multiple threads as opposed to a higher clock but less cores/threads. So in some cases yes, going above 3.4GHz might net you some really good performance, but it's really up to you if you are unable to achieve the performance you require.
  2. how much performance increase will i take from more threads ?i mean if we are talking about i5 3570 or i7 3770
  3. engterry said:
    how much performance increase will i take from more threads ?i mean if we are talking about i5 3570 or i7 3770

    It depends on the software, the i5's are excellent chips for non highly threaded applications but i'd go with the i7 for those engineering applications. It can make a huge differance.
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