Can't connect to one router?

OR something like the title. I can't, for some reason, connect to my router. Until recently, it has been working fine. Only after I added a switch, and removed it, did it stop working.

This isn't like the multitude of other similiar problems where some can connect but some can't, NO device, i mean NO DEVICE, can connect to this Acom Router. Even after I unplugged the LAN from it, it refuses to accept my signal. In Mac, it justs times out. In windows, it says it can't connect. In D-LInk manager, it times out too. On Apple devices, can't connect too. Thankfully, it's just an external relay router used to extend my signal. I have an exact same one for the ground floor, but that's working fine. I can't seem to find a reset button, and turning it off and on doesnt seem to work, so what can I do?

Do I need to buy a new one? Or should I manually connect to it with a LAN cable and tinker with it? I value your opinion very much so please reply with consideration
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  1. first of all anytime your configure a router you should be connected via network cable.

    how it the Acom connected to the main router?
  2. Well, I DID use a network cable and it was working fine, until recently. This befuddles me, as it should just go on working fine. I don't want to call my technician in, as he'll just tell me to buy a costly new router.

    It's connected through a LAN cable to the router, and it detects it as an active port. Just now, I tried to connect it to my mac using a LAN cable, but it didn't work too. It couldn't identify it for a while, then gave me a self-assigned IP address.

    Without being able to connect to it in any way possible, I'm stumped..
  3. make sure the network cable is NOT plug into the WAN/Internet port on the Acom. use one of the four LAN ports
  4. For some reason, there's only one LAN port and no visible INternet port on the Acom. It's been plugged in to the same port for years now, so it should be the right one.
  5. OkOk, first off I have two mistakes that I have to correct. THe first blunder being that it isnt a router, it's an acess point. ANd it isn't Acom, its 3Com. Yes, I got my facts mixed up, forgive me.

    Only just now, I resetted it, so now it's SUPPOSEDLY at all factory and default settings. The name is 3Com and there is no password at all, But still, I can't connect to it. I get a for a milli-second, then it goes to a self-assigned IP address. Funny, eh? It just doesn't make sense at all.
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