Getting rid of 2x GTX 295's, looking for advice on a few things.

Lets just say all I am worried about right now are my graphics cards. The rest of my PC I am fine with and seems to be running perfectly. However, I currently have 2 GTX 295's in SLI for the effective quad SLI. Now, I honestly don't think I ever needed that much GPUage for the gaming I was doing.

Recently I have started having troubles with my graphics driver failing in the middle of a game. It started to do it a lot, I did lots of troubleshooting and nothing really made any sense. Finally one day, one of my 295 cards just out right failed, red light and everything. So I took that card out and just left in 1 295. It ran perfectly fine for awhile, then after a few months started the same thing again, graphics driver failing in the middle of a game.

The conclusion that I have come to is that I personally think the 295s really weren't worth it, and are almost even becoming outdated. They can only run Dx10 IIRC, and updating my graphics driver never seems to solve the problem. Oh, they are both EVGA.

My question is, what I am thinking of doing is selling 1 gtx 295, even if I cant get it to work and don't get much for it, and then buy me a gtx 580. I have read lots of good things about those cards. I would take my current 295 out and test things for about a week or so with just a single 580, if everything runs smooth, i will then sell the working 295 and get a second 580 to SLI with.

Does this sound like probably the best course of action for my current GPU state? My budget probably is about $500 per card, and thats after getting what I can for the old 295's.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
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  1. If your budget is $500 per card you could get 2 gtx 680's for that.Unless you are a diehard nvidia fan 2x7950's would be way more then enough.You can get 2 of those for less then $800.The gtx 580 is overpriced for what you get right now.Probably the most overpriced gpu out right now..
  2. Yeah now that you mention it, I was looking at some 680's and was confused because they are like the same price as 580's..? seems weird.

    So as of right now, will it be a noticeable upgrade going from one 295 to one 680? Also, yeah for whatever reason I am just die hard nvidia, its what I grew up on and I just like them. I know their are probably some better cards out there that aren't nvidia, but id like to stick with them.
  3. 295s are like 3 or 4 generations old. You would notice a huge performance increase. then again it depends on the rest of your rig.
  4. Ya you will deffinetly see a difference.If you have $1000 for 2 cards you could get a gtx 690 for a grand.gtx 690=2xgtx 680's.Ya the gtx 680 will run circles around a gtx 295.
  5. Awesome thanks guys, good advice so far.

    Well how about I give a quick overview of the rest of my rig, I know that would make this thread kinda in the wrong forum but oh well.

    - Windows 7 64bit
    - Intel Core i7 920 @2.67Ghz, @2.65Ghz
    - 6 GB Ram
    - 300GB 10k rpm HDD
    - EVGA x58 motherboard
    - then you know the story about the gtx 295's.

    If I even get just 1 680, am I going to bottleneck at.. say... my hard drive? Ive been told I should at least get a small solid state drive for whatever games I am going to play the most. So, I guess my question is, instead of paying for 2 new video cards, would I get a better performance increase from just getting 1 680 and a solid state drive?
  6. I don't think you would have TOO much of a bottleneck, yet overclocking that 920 wouldn't hurt one bit. Getting 1 card wouldn't be a bad idea either, since you could potentially save some money on power, and not too many people need more than 1 680. What monitor resolution are you using?

    Then again, the 295 is still a force to be reckoned with.,3107-7.html

    As you can see, the 295 is 2 tiers below, yet you have 2 of them, so the performance increase might not be too much of an increase in performance if any.
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