My new gamming rig

Hi all, i'm new here and i have some doubts, i want to get a new rig and these are my :o ONLY options :o right now so i want to know which combination suits the best for gamming purposes:

CPU = i5 2400 3.1Ghz
MOBO = Asrock H61M-HVS or ASUS P8H61-M Pro
RAM = 4gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz
HARD DRIVE = 500gb 7200rpm

Thermaltake V6 VM
Thermaltake V3 VL
Cooler Master HAF 912

XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition
EVGA GeForce 560 SE

I also want to know if a 600W PSU whould work
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  1. Looks good. I would take 7770 or 560 SE. A 600W PSU will be enough for crossfire 7770 easily.
  2. A 600W PSU is more than enough for any of the GPUs you mentioned. However, make sure the PSU is a good 600W, not some no-name brand.

    The case is really up to your personal preference, so I cannot make recommendations.

    The CPU means that you will not be able to overclock. If that's okay with you, then that is a good choice.
  3. you can get an "i5 2500K" instead. it will cost you onyl a few bucks more but will give you great overclocking capability.

    The motherboard u r going for is not good compared to the processor. it will not be able to utilise the full power of this powerful processor. plz Get a "Z68" chipset mobo to enjoy ur gaming rig.
  4. shubham_66 is right. I also recommend either a Z77 or Z68 motherboard. They will allow you to overclock, and have support for SLI and Crossfire, which you might use in the future. Also, what games will you play? The 7770 is good, but on Newegg it's $5-10 cheaper than the 6850. The 6850 is a lot more powerful than all of your suggested GPU's, but it will play BF3, Crysis, Skyrim, on Very High or Ultra. In comparison, the 7770 might only play on Medium or High. The 6850 has a lot more longevity.
  5. Upgrading to i5-K adds up the cost really fast with the CPU, more expensive mobo and an aftermarket cooler.

    I agree if available buy a 6800 series Radeon!
  6. Thank you all for your recommendations, it helped me with my doubts... I have a short budget so i won't be abble to overlock (sadly)... also I'll check that 6850 radeon. tyvm
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