New computer/video card issues

At least this is what I believe the issue to be, ill start from the begining.

I bought this new computer

Intel i7-2700k
16gigs ram
evga gtx 570 hd vid card
rosewill 850w power supply

So i tried playing games like BF3 and APB reloaded and pretty much as soon as the game started my computer would shut down.

No blue screen just black and the fans would go crazy.

I checked the temps on everything they all stayed low (50-55c) when it happened

I ended up taking out the 570 thinking maybe if i switch out piece by piece I can figure out what is causing the issue.

I put in my old video card ATI radeon hd 4650 from my last computer, I popped on BF3 and it runs (not well but hey my comp didnt shut down) I tried to play APB reloaded but the game now just stays at the login screen when I try to get in (another issue any solutions awesome if not oh well :p)

So basically its running now its not crashing, The question I am wondering is ...

Is that enough power to run the video card? does the card draw to much power and cause the comp to shut down or the there an issue with the card itself?
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    Your powersupply is made by rosewill. Unfortuenatly rosewill does not make very good powersupplies, (exception: capstone series) anyways, swap it out with a quality corsair/seasonic/antec/xfx power supply.
  2. bleh, alright well thank you for the response. I will do that.
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