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which mouse pad should i get razer goliathus or steelseries qck pad which one is good for gaming and also i have hand sweating problem on my mice when is using it which one is grat one :hello:
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  1. Razer scrarb
  2. I always use a sheet of paper, blu-tack in the corners.
  3. +1^ mouse pads are not really essential for gaming at all. I just use a really cheap mousepad that offers no wrist cushion. Looking at both of those mousepads they offer no wrist cushion and will probably offer no more better comfort than a real cheap one. I suggest you get one with a wrist cushion.
  4. Actually, mouse pads are a big impact on gaming.
  5. yes it is i have experienced my friend razer goliathus but i confused between speed
    and control and steelseries qck pad thus any body know which is better
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