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I have a deskjet 1000 printer and it won't print on this computer...will on another. I've spent 4.5 hours on the phone with hp tech support and still it won't print. If I send something to print it will go into the print spooler and sais it's printing but it doesn't then it disapears from there without any errors.
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  1. Your description is very vauge. please expand so we can help. is the printer networked? on a print server? what OS and versions are the 2 computers running? what type of file are you trying to print?
  2. k I have a hp deskjet 1000 that won't print. I have two laptops both with windows xp and both dell. I need it to work on my second computer (it's my daughters comp and printer). I tried to install the printer on both comp and it wouldn't recognize I had a printer attatched (yes I did try another usb cable) so I spent 3 hours on with hp tech support and fiddling around in my comp...I didn't pay attention to what they did. So they figured it was the printer and sent me a new one. The new printer works on my computer but not on my daughters computer. I called tech support again and the lady on the phone installed 6 more printers (without removing the others that were already installed) and none of them worked. So I hung up on her and uninstalled all printers restarted the comp and reinstalled using the cd...still didn't work. Then I uninstalled printer again and tried going through add new hardware...still doesn't work. I'm out of ideas and I can't find anything online specific on the internet of what to try next. It's not on a network or anything and it's hooked up with a usb cord. I'm not sure what other info I can provide.
  3. so are are just plugging the printer in via usb cable to which ever computer you want to print from correct? there is no sharing involed no networking or firewalls to contend with?
  4. no nothing like that no networking or firewalls it just plugs into usb on either comp
  5. Try using this HP software and driver removal tool. when it finishes reboot the system and try re-installing the printer using your factory disks.

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