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Hello, I've been running a Q6600 quad core on a MSI MS-7366 (CPU 1) MB, OS=Win-XP. I've always seen four cores in win task manager. Lately I've had a problem with the CPU fan which must have caused the CPU to be running for a few hours without cooling. Then I noticed and adjusted. CPU temps are now down to 42 °C (idle), 65°C full load. But task manager, registry, CPU-Z and Speccy report only ONE core. BIOS has no core options, as far as I can see.
I've already reinstalled windows, but to no avail. The core remains ONE.

My question: is it possible to get the other three cores back? How?

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  1. Check the BIOS to make sure they are all enabled. If in doubt, set BIOS to defaults.

    It certainly is possible you damaged your CPU if your fan died. So that could be a result. No fan on the CPU is about like running a car without oil.
  2. Hi Twelve25, I did as you suggested and I got my 4 cores back!!! How did you know?

    Thank you very much,

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