Issues powering up. Need your help!

Hi Tom's Hardware,

My custom PC decided this morning not to turn on for me, my first thought was a loose plug or a switch had gotten turned off. This was not the case. I opened up the case and tried the internal power button, no luck. I've been spending hours checking internal power chords etc. but to no avail. I tried testing the PSU with a multimeter and the outputs are fine. While I was testing the 24 pin motherboard connectr I accidentally shorted the pin 15 and 16, a ground and the PS on pin and it booted up.

Now I guess there is some sort of a funny connection between the motherboard 24 pin connector and the power switch but I have no idea where exactly. Do you guys have any ideas?

Thanks for taking the time to read this
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  1. Got it working after about 3 hours trying. I just took it apart then reassembled just the PSU mobo RAM and CPU and shoted the power button connector on the motherboard.
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