Screen keeps cutting out?

Hey all,

A good friend recently mentioned that his home desktop was practically inoperable due to a screen issue. Before I go over to take a look at it (either tonight or tomorrow), I figured I would come and see if there are any tips/suggestions/etc that I should have in mind going into this attempted fix. From what he's told me, any time he tries to do something on the computer, be it scroll, click, drag, or drop, the screen cuts out to black for almost a minute! He's not the most computer savvy individual, so that is all the information I could get. He's pretty sure it isn't the an issue with the monitor itself.

Anything you could suggest before I head over there would be greatly appreciated!


ps-not sure if i put this in the proper category/sub-category? Obviously feel free to move it as you mods see fit!
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  1. So should I throw an anti-virus and some driver updates on flash-drive and try those first? then maybe fiddle a cable?

    Just looking for some advice
  2. Aye, that was my plan if i couldn't fix it there. Thanks!
  3. as a side note: he's running XP. (if that makes any difference?)
  4. If you have a laptop bring it with you to test the monitor there.
  5. Any idea of a safe/reliable place i can download these driver updates? I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants here

    Probably get microsoft security essentials for him since its free...
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