Windows home server, NAS or something else? Please help.

Hi all,

I have a pretty decent background with Linux and windows, as well as all home computing skills.

I'm trying to understand and grab knowledge on networking, but besides "for dummies" I can't find a decent beginners though explanation guide.
I need to be able to securly connect to sensitive data from remote locations---using services like strongvpn and logmein are not an option. I need to control the access and security.
I need to have the information be redundant on the redundants.
I need to be able to stream media files to in-network connected devices

I want to be able to "log in" to the server from my various laptops, computers, Asus eee slate, and MAYBE my android phone. For example to log into my jobs computer I need a username password and domain. ---I would like that both on my soon to be local network, and while connected to remote networks.

I want to be able to log in as I stated above on my laptop AND be able to access my laptop like a normal laptop at times as well,

If I cannot do the above two things in tandom I would prefer to use a laptop like a laptop and have windows outlook (program/data) on the external server/NAS.

Please know the wants are just wants, in a best case scenario. The needs especially the security one are important.

1)That being said I should get a server right? Or is NAS an option?

2)Would remote desktop connection through windows secured (256bit)? And can it be accessed across networks? How?

3)Will windows home server, or 2008 server enable me to do what I want?

4)Would I need any other hardware/software for what I want? Please explain

5) is it possible to keep a local user on my laptop, and the non-local user account that is based on the server at the same time?

Guys I know there might be pieces of information on what I want here and There but I really need to get moving on this because I need the storage by the end of august. Please please help me.

Last random question. I do not have TPM mobo's and I want to turn bitlocker on my operating system drives. I don't have a smart card and would prefer to use a USB jump drive but it doesn't give me the option other than a smart card. How can use bitlocker to allow a jump drive as the decryption code?

Thank you everyone for reading all this, and for both your opinions and advice. I greatly greatly appreciate it.
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  1. I have utilized WHS on a Acer device with 4 Terabytes of storage. Windows Home server backs up every file to one of the other drives on the server automatically. I have remote access (encrypted) to my files. WHS also will back up your desktop machines.

    I have used WHS for 4 years now without any issues. There are lots of plugins for it to expand functionality, such as a media server.

    I also use sugarsync to back up my files to the cloud.

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