Monitor (?) issues with first build.

Hello everyone.

I have recently constructed my first build it comprises of:

Asus Sabertooth P67
i5 2500k
gtx 570 (MSI with Accelero Xtreme plus 2 cooler)
corsair vengeance ram
Sata ii western digital 80gb HDD
Windows 7 OS (32 - bit, and yes I will upgrade to 64-bit at some point :))

Okay, my problem is that my tv which I planned to use as a monitor is not working. It is a videocon vu226ld, and I'm connecting to it using an hdmi cable. Basically, upon start up it shows nothing whatsoever, except it did once, telling me to insert the windows installation disk. I then did this and after that I have had a black screen. However, the monitor generally says either "No Signal" or "Retrieving data...". It says retrieving data upon start up but then just nothing, not even "No Signal". So I thought that maybe the large, extraordinarily heavy 42" LCD Hitachi would work using the hdmi cable, so I hauled it upstairs and plugged it in using the same cable and it all worked fine. I installed windows using the tv and rebooted. I plugged the hdmi cable back into the VU226LD and I got an image, I was able to use the computer! I then tried to change the resolution to a higher one, 720p to be exact (the vu226ld is classified as 720p capable). Firstly, there was no 720 resolution available to me on the "Screen resolution option" pressing the right mouse button so I just picked the highest one. Remembering back though the ratio was 4:3 (i think) as opposed to 16:9. After pressing the "apply" button the screen went completely black, but again no messages on the monitor like "No Signal". I did a hard shut down holding down power button, but the screen was black again. I replugged into the 42" hitachi and got it all working on that tv again. I thought maybe there were some hardware problems. I must firstly point out that I live in between two houses and I have forgetten the motherboard driver disk. That said, there didn't seem to be any obvious problems apart from the fact that the "video adapter" was not a gtx 570 but something like a "generic vga graphics" or something similar (I can't really remember). Anywho it was not what I was expecting to see. No drivers have been installed at all because all my driver disks are left at my other house - my personal suspicion is that the drivers must be installed. I also have no internet connecton yet as my wireless adapter is, you guessed it, at my other house.

I haven't been able to go into BIOS either yet, except to change boot priority, using the 42" Hitachi. The sabertooth BIOS isn't the same as other computer BIOS I have used. I don't know what I should really be doing in the BIOS and am slightly tentative to do anything as it all seems very alien. Do I need to install all my components using BIOS? My CPU seemed to work perfectly well without going into BIOS, as did my HDD. Also the screen image is really bad and very "flakey" or blocky and the colours are all a bit too contrasting (i have tried altering the vu226ld picture to no avail) which led me to think that all these problems are caused by some GPU error. But then again, I was able to set the screen resolution to 768 pixels on the 42" Hitachi.

Sorry for long post, and I hope somebody can provide any illumination to the darkness clouding my nihilistic mind...
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  1. Just to add, I could technically get on the BIOS using the 42" if necessary.
  2. Install the motherboard's drivers first and then do VGA.
    Once you have drivers up and running you should not have issues.
  3. Brilliant. It seems to follow the longer the opening post, the shorter and more concise the answers.

  4. I'll update this thread after updating drivers.
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