Poor battery life - HP probook 4540s

I just bought a new laptop - HP probook 4540s - and it seems to have poor battery life.
When it is fully charged it has 2 h 30 min of battery, which is very disappointing because I thought it may be more than 5 hours. Where might be the problem?

I really appreciate your help.
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  1. If the laptop is new you should contact HP and tell them your problem about the battery life. I really don't know if this is problem is covered by HP guarantee, but try it.
  2. i m also the user of hp probook 4540s....i just bought laptop before 1 weeks.. :hello: bt i feel hp probook 4540s is amazingly gr8 , nice performance n attractive color.

    roni jee ... it gives me 4 hrs 12min battery back up when fully charge,(tested n verified with official work but in graphical work it gives low battery performance due to good graphics)..... hp contains the intel hd 4000 n radeon switchable graphics.. u must be care abt graphics, if u dont want to use graphics u can create the setting low graphics use for better battery back up....http://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/hello.gif
  3. hi every one
    when i first got HP probook 4540s it got me 2 h 30 min in the beginning but when i understand this computer it got me over 5 hours in video time (to hell with tablets)
    first you should know that some models of it like mine has 2 graphic cards , one is intel built in the prossessor (it won't use extra power )
    and the other is high radeon (1 or 2 gig memory) whish take the life battery almost half
    first you should install the full drivers of it so if any hardware is not used it will be auto off
    install the amd catalyst in win or linux
    choose the intel graphic card as the default (no game refused to work on )
    use hp power manegment for win 7 (available with the drivers in thier page)
    or use jupitor and some power saving hackes (google it) very easy to be done for linux ( i use ubuntu 12.04 32 bit )all drivers ok (but the fingerprint which is ok in suse)
    i have almost 5 hours on win 7 64 bit in the lowest screen brightness even with movies on
    i have over 5 hr 15 mins on linux ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit in the lowest screen brightness even with movies on
    by the way linux is very stable , no need to reinstalls , i am writing from it now which is over 4 month's now is better than the first day i installed it
    some thing else i am using it mainly connected to lcd tv throgh hdmi when ac on while labtop screen is off (one time when the electricity is off ) when i unplugged it after a while from the powerless tv i saw 7hrs (i don't know is it real or stupid assuming time) you can try it and tell
    sorry if any english mistakes as i am from egypt and my main language is arabic
    i hope it it's usefull
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