New gtx 580 bsod?

Ok my friend from america recently sent me the gtx 580 board
I had to then buy my own heatsinks etc
So i went for the icy revison rev 2
And after putting all the heatsinks on the vram etc etc
I put it into my pc
Now my computer read the graphics card and installed etc etc etc etc
But whenever i play a game I get a BSOD, A black screen for around 5mins and/or my music in the background stops playing but the keyboard works fine?

Also when my pc shuts down via BSOD a very very smelly burny smell comes from my pc and i sniffed around my graphics card didn't smell nothing but leaned towards the psu started smelling a tiny bit but its hard to tell.

I know it might be the graphics card but i'm leaning towards my old motherboard or my 600W psu
He sent me a PNY gtx 580 or evga one of them
And im not sure if its already oc'd and maybe thats the prob?
I also have the temperatures for when I'm not playing any games
Here are my specs + temps

4GB ddr2 ram 1066MHZ
AMD 955 was oc'd to 4.7ghz, now back to stock, 3.2ghz
600Watt power supply
m2n68 motherboard i think..?


31 c
core clock 772
Memory clock 2004
Using msi afterburner and it doesn't say the voltage or power limit X_X


I played bf3 for about 20seconds all settings maxed
I got 60fps with vsync
Then when i played for about 30seconds the game just stopped my whole game just paused itself for a min
Then resumed then paused again
And it happened over and over
Is my graphics card already dying!?!?
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  1. Why did you have to put heatsinks on the vram? Did the board come with no heatsinks or fans? Did you put thermal compoutnd on the ram chips and the processor when you installed the heatsinks? How old is your motherboard and psu?
  2. Sounds like your video card is overheating under load. The gpu specifically, since the driver is failing.
  3. Why would you have to buy your own heatsinks?

    What 600w power supply make and model?

    Most likely the psu can't cope with the power requirements of the video card.
  4. OK
    The heatsink came with these vram heatsinks that i put on the vram of my gtx 580 board so it looks like this

    I put on thermal adhesive A+B to make it perm so i won't have to take it off, which seems right i think?

    The board came with nothing on it, no fans, no heatsinks, which is why i bought my own

    My make and model of my psu?

    My motherboard is around ***...4years old?
    While my psu is about 2years old
    I was running on a gts 250 oc'd to alot and my cpu oc'd to 4.7ghz
    So that's why im not sure if its the PSU
    The fact i could handle all of that and didn't have 1 blue screen till i installed this monster X_X
  5. Quote:
    CiT 600W Power Supply Unit

    There's your problem. :ouch:

    That psu is probably actually 400w of absolute junk. I wouldn't use it to power my usb coffee warmer, let alone a GTX580 and a overclocked Phenom II which consume 400w by themselves.

    Your lucky all you have had happen is bsod, the next thing to happen will be it'll fail, and possibly either take out all your components or start a fire.
  6. Alright geekapproved your right i played bf3 and my room started to smell of smoke and my house
    Smokey plastic glue
    I then proceeded to immediately turn off my plugs and smell my gpu
    Smelled my psu something...
    went behind where the adapter goes into my psu
    ******* smelled like a barbeque
    So my guess psu? If so close X_X.
  7. also will this power upp my gtx 580?
    Or do i need something else?
  8. No that's no good, let me check ebuyer, one minute.
  9. 650W isn't that just 50w more than wat i have?

    Also whats 12 V rail or whatever X_X
  10. tfwwolf said:
    650W isn't that just 50w more than wat i have?

    Also whats 12 V rail or whatever X_X

    No it's about 250w more than what you have now. It has a 80+ bronze efficiency certification as well, which means it's about 15% more efficient under load.

    The +12v rail is what powers your systems main components like cpu and video card. A quality psu has one big giant rail. A cheap (or small psu like mine) will have 2-5 small rails because it's cheaper to build this way with cheaper parts. Yours has two 18a rails. My little 380w Antec psu has a 17a and a 15a rail. So you see yours is about 400w equivalent.

    The psu I suggested to you has ONE 46a rail.
  11. Can u give me another link on ebuyer or for a psu that could handle 2 GTX 580s?
  12. For two GTX 580's I would want 850w to 1000w psu depending on the amps on the +12v rails. I got a 1200w psu to power the three GTX 580's I have , it might be more than what's needed but I wanted to make sure that it was enough.
  13. is this good enough for 2 gtx 580s?

    According to reviews its 900W not 800W, I want to know if its good value for money due to the fact it has x6 6 pci-e pins, and x 2 6+2 pci-e pins
    It must be good right? espcially for the price?
    I just want to make sure I'm getting value for money thanks again everyone for your help.
  14. I would say that it should be good for what you want to do and you will have enough power for the two GTX 580's.
  15. alright THANK YOU inzone and geekapproved for all your help ^^!
  16. I don't know why you keep considering crap psu's. Buy something with a known brand name.

    I would never use that psu, because i've never heard of it.

    Guru3d recommends a 850w QuALity psu for 2-gtx580's and overclock. Do not use that Xenta, i doubt it put's out anywhere near 800w, you'll have the same issues your having now.

    After all this with this post there's one thing you seem to not get. You get what you pay for, you don't get 800w quality psu for 55 pound, that's cheaper than the 650w psu's I recommended you, you just don't get it do you :pfff:

    I can see why you are looking at the Xenta and it has to do with price , right? I can say from experience that you do get what you pay for and if you try to go with the lowest price , then there's a reason why the price is low. You do have to keep that in the back of your mind when shopping for computer parts , there are top quality brands and then there are low quality brands , so here's the catch when you are buying the low priced item , how long will it last and will it be enough to power my system , because if it doesn't last and fails then you have to buy another one and then you end up paying the same price as a quality psu and you get multiple low quality parts.
    I do know that it's tough when monet is tight and your on a slim budget so sometimes it might be better to wait a bit and try to save more so you can get quality parts.
    The power supplies that I listed are quality psu's and they are from quality brands and I'm going to add one more to the list and if you can swing the price of this psu then you will be in great shape;

    I will understand if you can't afford this one as the price might be out of your rangs but XFX psu's are made by SeaSonic which is one of the top psu makers there is.
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