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Ok, I will tell you full story from A to Z...

I have MS pc with celeron d, 512 mb ddr2 ram, integraded SiS mirage card and Ati radeon hd 4350 ddr2 and power supply 500w ... It all worked fine and i was using ati card... then i reinstalled my pc and installed all drivers and when i installed my ati catalyst drivers and restarted my pc it went black after windows loading screen (before welcome screen) and it was only white cursor visible in middle of screen, everything else is black...and when i deleted ati drivers everything worked fine... in other forums they told me its card problem, so i bought new one (nVidia) ... and there is a new problem... when i connect monitor to it and press power button , screen doesnt show anything, i cant even go to bios and there is no BEEP sound when turning pc on...i tried connecting monitor to my integrated graphics but its the same problem, only diference is that i hear beep sound on integrated, but monitor isnt showing anything...then i put back my old ati card instead new one and everything work fine ... Please help me and sorry for bad English
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  1. what nvidia card have you bought?
    does it require additional power connectors to operate?
  2. what card?
    there could be a chance that the 500watts PSU is not of good enough quality to run that.

    also try reseating the card. check all your connections; including anything you may have bumped while installing the card.,
  3. its low profile card geforce 210 1gb ddr3
  4. you may need to use the onboard graphics to get into the bios and then disable then onboard graphics to use the card. you did that.

    so it works with the ATI but not the nvidia? did you try to reseat the nvidia card?
  5. I cant because i have only one PCIe x16 slot ... And i didnt disabled integrated because pc wont turn on when i connect to integrated ... and i tried to go in device manager and then disable it but under display adapters is only asus eah4350 nothing else and please if u have solution for any of these problems tell me : Old ati card : Install drivers, restart pc and when come to Welcome screen all screen goes black with white cursor in middle but when uninstall drivers everything is fine... New Nvidia card : connect monitor on it and pc just wont turn on ... everything in case is working coolers and other things, but no beep sound and there is no anything on screen and light on monitor is just like when pc is off (sorry but i am Serbian and I suck in English).
  6. what nvidia card?

    also when the screen goes black with the ati card is the time when windows loads the drivers. do you have the latest drivers?
  7. i tried about 4 versions of drivers including latest drivers and nvidia card is geforce 210 1gb ddr3 i wrote than before
  8. mrva15 said:

    Ok, I will tell you full story from A to Z...
    then i put back my old ati card instead new one and everything work fine ... Please help me and sorry for bad English

    Everything is working with ATI Card now? If so, no problem then except you have an excess of nVidia geforce 210 1gb ddr3, right?
  9. NO, i mean that i can turn on my pc with ati card but when i install video drivers screen goes black ...
  10. please post the link where you downloaded the driver from...
  11. ^the above link doesn't help. Please post the exact link of the download page where you get the driver.
    And what is your Windows version?
  12. this is where i downloaded drivers for ati hd 4350 and i am using windows xp sp3 32 bit
  13. I read someplace that 4XXX series graphics card does not work well with the 12.X versions. Try some 11.XX versions & see if it helps.

    I myself have a few problems with 12.4 although it is still usable for me. Just have some minor inconvenience.
  14. did i mentioned that i tried ati drivers from cd, and 9.8, 11.11 and 12.2 and its the same...i have this problem for more than month and do you think i just sited crossed hands... well not , i tried many things : restarting bios, disabling integrated graphic, reinstalling windows, changing card, tried tons of different drivers but nothing...not even integrated SiS mirage working ...
  15. Relax... we do not know what you do until you tell us. You only mentioned you tried 4 versions of drivers before but not the version numbers.

    And no, I do not think about you just sitting cross hands. I go about looking at other threads where I can help.

    If you will turn sour if I ask some questions or make suggestions, then I wish you good luck. I am out of here.
  16. Thank you... I already knew that there is no use of this. Goodbye
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