Unable to enable third monitor display + "active" adapter questions

Continuing from my previous thread

I decided to get a Mini DP to HDMI connector (found an identical Belkin one). Another problem though. I unplugged my third monitor's HDMI cable from the second GPU, plugged it into the first GPU's new adaptor, but my system cant seem to enable the third monitor. Whenever I click extend to desktop display (for the third monitor), I receive an error message saying the system is "unable to save display settings".
TL;DR - Crossfire disables second GPU ports, had to get new adapter. All three monitors are plugged into first GPU, third one detected but cannot be enabled.

I've looked around for suggestions online, and other people seem to have this problem as well. Some were recommended to buy an "active" adapter. I'm not too sure what the difference between these http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx and mine are, but it's supposed to work.

However, another problem, my monitors have no DVI ports. (Samsung S24B350) They only have one VGA and one HDMI. Also, there are no "active" mini DP to HDMI adaptors on the AMD approved list of dongles. Do I have to swap my third monitor out for another one?

Edit: Just thought of a solution. Would buying a HDMI to DVI cable work for Monitor 3? Also, the Eyefinity setup guide on this forum states that I must have at least one monitor connected by Display Port. What exactly does that mean? If I don't use DP, will I not be able to enable eyefinity? Do MiniDP ports count?

Additional info:
I'm using two MSI R6950s in Crossfire.
I have the latest CCC driver
In my CCC and control pannel, the third monitor is detected, but cannot be enabled.
GPU has 2x DVI, 2X MiniDP, 1x HDMI. No VGAs

My connection setup:
HDMI >>> Monitor 1
MiniDP >>> HDMI >>> Monitor 2
MiniDP >>> HDMI >>> Monitor 3

Any help as to how I would get my third monitor up and running in Eyefinity would be great.

Sorry for the terrible wording. I'm a little disappointed right now and the part of my brain that structures my thoughts doesn't seem to want to work.
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  1. well if your monitors do not have DVI, just HDMI and VGA (which is weird, I believe you, but still, odd) then you would need a mini DP to VGA. so you'd go

    HDMI >>> monitor 1
    MiniDP > active MiniDP to VGA > Monitor 2
    MiniDP > active MiniDP to VGA > Monitor 3

    I don't have any professional exp to speak from but I just went through this myself. there is NO visible difference between Active display port converters and regular display port converters, you just have to know what your buying is the right product. should say active on the packaging. I made the same mistake. luckly for you (if you go this route) I believe the VGA converters are cheaper. I'm just not sure what the quality is that your going to get out of them.

    hope it helps!
  2. You need the adapter pointed out in your previous thread (http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814998050), and then from there you need a DVI to HDMI cable. I went thru similiar issues as you. No matter what its all about using an active adapter, preferably one recommended by ATI. Without the adapter you might be able to get the monitor to come on, but it wont be reliable and usually wont let you create an EyeFinity group, just extend the display. For your other two monitors, connect one to HDMI, and then get another DVI to HDMI cable for the third.
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