Need a quick answer on Nvidia GTX 560

What is the equivalent to Nvidia GTX 560 for AMD GPU in terms of performance? And at this range of GPUs which do you recommend? I like GPUs that use less power and produce less heat, and very quiet fans.
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  1. you want a AMD 7750 or 7770. SOunds like thats what you need
  2. here is a quick look at equivalent cards, you can see 6870 is on the same level as 560 and is at a good price point right now. the 7770 is just a step below but real life performance should be very close.,3107-7.html
  3. Radeon HD 6870 is in the same ballpark.

    Both cards are fine.

    I run msi 560s in SLI and very happy. IMO you should be able to find a 560 at around 150-180. MIR do play a part in the price of them tho.
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