Hyper 212 Evo or the new COOLER MASTER Seidon?

Title says it all, trying to figure out which would be best for OC a Phenom II x4 965 BE, some opinions on air vs water would be great, maybe what you'd think would perform better.


Hyper 212 Evo:
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  1. I'm not sure, I'd have to see some reviews of the Seidon (which I can't find any, at the moment), but it looks like it would/should perform about the same as a Corsair H60.

    If that's the case, it would be in the same boat as the H60 as only being 1C cooler on average than a 212 Evo (in other words, not worth it).
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    And remember even if the fan fails on a 212+ it takes quite a while to overheat(if you are not running prime or demanding games it could go for weeks without overheating) while a pump failure means VERY quick heat build up as the waterblock has very little capacity without the liquid moving(2 points of failure, Fan and pump).

    If you have a need for this kind of cooler. Lets say no room for it(212.), but a 120mm slot for the LCLC[low cost liquid cooler] option, Then it may be a decent idea, just make sure you set your board to A not slow the pump and B monitor it for failure so it can shut down in the even of failure.

    For the price(IMHO). The 212(+ and EVO) wins every time.
  3. +1 to previous posters as well as +1 for Hyper 212 EVO.

    I personally dislike the closed-loop liquid coolers due to numerous pump issues that could happen. There's too many points of failure that you could avoid with a very basic and effective solution such as the Hyper 212.
  4. Awesome responses guys thanks :) Helps me choose a lot easier. The Seidon looks like a great buy but without reviews etc I really dont want to risk it. The 212 evo is going to be a very tight fit if I can even get it to fit.... Unless I can put it in an odd config like blowing up out the case instead of blowing out the back, assuming the ram doesnt get in the way. Idk at any rate thanks everyone for the help :D Idk who to give the best answer to lol :X
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  6. It depends on how your preference of overclocking and tinkering is. Do you have spacing requirements in your case? The Evo is smaller than the hyper 212 has 4 heatpipes and bigger 120MM fans not sure if the evo has 4 heapipes and whether you can add additional 120mm fan.

    Performance wise there is a tom article that you can look at the performance of the Seidon.,3380.html for the Seidon

    If you really crave performance and not worried about a leek issue and frying your whole setup and don't mind tinkering and want to achieve the ultimate overclock then go right ahead. If you want something that performance wise is relatively equal, cost cheaper and won't fry your system then I would stick with air and the Evo.
  7. 212 is just easier to install and easier to use,also it´s compatible with almost everything and is 15.9 cm high so it should fit in a lot of midi-tower cases

    I think water cooling is definitely beter but only if you have high-end components and bigger heatsinks.
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