Need advice for this current setup.

Im building a new computer and I have some ideas on my mind but I need some suggestion about this setup. I also need advice whether all the parts that im buying compatible with each others.
Here is the setup:
Graphic card:
Power Supply:
Hard Drive: Don't know yet because I really dont know which one is good out there ( suggestion? )

Thank you very much!
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  1. CPU - A great CPU! But if you don't want to overclock, then you don't have to get the 3570k, the 3570 will be fine. If you do want to overclock then buy a decent CPU heatsink (there are tons of recommendations for those, generally the CoolerMaster Hyper series is most often recommended).

    RAM - go with some 1.5v DDR3-1600. Ivy will appreciate the faster RAM. And really, do you need 16gb? If its just gaming/general use get a single 2x4gb kit for a total of 8gbs, you can always add another kit later if you somehow need it.

    SSD - See if you can squeeze out something 120gb or higher - again, not sure about your needs but the 60gbs fills up quick and you'll kick yourself for not getting double for not much more money.

    PSU - I haven't heard of that PSU before, and I don't see an 80+ certification on it. So personally, I wouldn't touch it, but haven't researched it personally. I usually build with Antec or Seasonic. If it indeed provides a clean 500w then it would be adequate but just go with a trusted name like Seasonic, Antec, Corsair. There are plenty of recommendations around here.

    HDD: I would suggest two identical 7200rpm drives of some capacity for a RAID-1 (mirror) setup to at least help a bit in protecting your data. Again, I don't know what the system usage might be.

    Case is fine and styling is personal preference.

    GPU is fine depending on your needs (e.g. gaming heavily? Screen resolution? etc.)
  2. Oh and by the way, it's much easier for folks around here (and we vastly prefer it) if you use this template when posting your build question. You should fill this out and edit your original post to include it:
  3. I already got the PSU and the GPU already from the 1st upgrade couple months back. So I would like to keep those. Im mostly using this PC for gaming and my screen resolution is 1920x1080.And sorry for posting this out of template. Thank you
  4. So as your advise I changed a few things:
    SSD: thought it was very cheap compared to other and it got 90GB enough for me to storage stuff for school.
    This case look pretty sick and got lots of room.
    What do you think?
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    RAM: Great, I'm not comparing prices or anything, but that'll work nicely - But if you mount an aftermarket CPU cooler you might want to get ram with low-profile heatspreaders to avoid a problem fitting it in there. The big heatspreaders aren't really necessary in normal builds or with build that have good airflow.

    SSD: At that price point, yeah that's fine. Myself, I'd spend the extra $20 on the Mushkin enhanced chronos. It's bench-tests much faster but the real-world difference in performance isn't very noticeable so the Agility 3 is fine but here's the link to the mushkin:

    Case: Yeah, it's a great gaming case, plenty of airflow and options for cooling.
  6. U think with this setup 500W PSU wil be enough juice to get this rig going?
  7. Well, you know my opinion on the PSU. A quality 500w will be fine for that setup. But I am dubious as to whether your LEPA PSU can actually deliver its rated power and how long it will last under such conditions. If your budget allows it, buy yourself a 500w or higher (probably around 650w-750w if you plan to XFire later) PSU from one of the brands I mentioned previously. Just put that LEPA on the shelf.
  8. Right, so after a little research, there is great quality from LEPA, such as:

    And then not so good from LEPA, like what you linked. It will probably be fine, but for peace of mind you may consider a replacement.
  9. ok imma order these 1st then if my 500W cant handle it then i will upgrade it as well
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  11. you know lark i found this SSD 120GB for only 92 bucks and it is muskin
  12. Awesome, and the money you saved on the unnecessary extra 8gb of ram covered it. Enjoy putting together your build!
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