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I'm building a gaming computer and i was wondering which strategy of building it i should go by. what i've done is i've chosen the parts i wanted to use and i priced them on newegg and got the total cost, and every day i check them on newegg and see if the price has gone down on anything. also every about two weeks i look online and see if any better parts have come out and if they have i change it to that part. a friend of mine told me it would be better to get a set amount of money, like 5-8 grand and then choose my parts because new and better parts are constantly coming out. i can't decide which strategy to use, wheather i choose my parts and get the money afterward like i have been or vise versa. can someone tell me which would be a better/easier route to travel.
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  1. Give me your budget and I will post what i would do!!
  2. well i don't have the money yet but i was thinking of custom building a desktop for like 4-5 grand.
  3. Awesome how about this

    The digital storms aventum!!! Read about it below it
  4. do you think i could use that site and customize a desktop and then get the parts off of newegg once i get the money?
  5. Yes do this

    CPU- i7 3960X it is a i7 extreme which is like an i9 it is a whole different level of performance

    GPU-GTX 680

    2ND GPU-GTX 680

    MOBO-Intel extreme z79(dont know which one)

    RAM-16 gb of corsair vengeance

    PSU-1000 watt corsair

    CASE-Cooler master cosmos ii

    LIQUID COOLING- i would custom do it if you live by a microcenter go there and get all the nessacary parts for a custom water cooling setup. Watch some youtub guides if you need help.
  6. ok thanks a lot!
  7. Give your head a shake - a gaming computer will not cost you that much. Ask Why_me or g-unit to build one for you. More like $2000. it's easy to spend other's money - unwisely I might add. The only thing ^ got right was the gpu - although if you do have that much money - go for the GTX690.
    Also when asking for advice follow this:
  8. i7-3930k
    gigabyte x79-GigabyteG1.Assassin2 or asus x79-rampage IV extreme
    4x4gb 1600
    2x 680 4gb (4gb version more suitable for sli)
    HDD seagate 3tb 7200(make sure its not LP 5900 version )
    1000 watt power
    SDD 256GB
    this is 2500$ PC
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