Trading my gtx 590 for gtx 680

I'm going to trade my gtx 590 for a 680 today. I just want to know if anyone has any opinions if its a good trade or not. I know that the Gtx680 is only slightly weaker than the gtx 590. If i were to overclock the Gtx 680 I'm pretty sure i can get it to match or even surpass the gtx 590's power. Thanks in advance.
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  1. some guy locally. It's basically trading him 2 gpu's for one monster one. I've been running that gtx 590 on 750 Antec HCG and didn't feel like spending to buy a high psu. This 680 would be perfect for my build. Only thing is I wish the geforce logo would light up on the 680 like it does on the 590 =( lol
  2. because 1 590 gtx is almost 1.5 times faster than a single 680
  3. i'm just concerned about msaa and fxaa. i've seen in benches that 590 get about 8-10fps when msaa is enabled.
  4. This shows that the 590 gtx is constantly getting about 15-20 fps higher than the 680 gtx 2gb.,3193-8.html
  5. BigMack70 said:

    Note the difference of just a few %... easily fixable by an OC on the 680.

    It's quite possible a lot of the results at that resolution are getting bottlenecked by the CPU. A higher resolution might show a wider gap. Though it won't be a lot wider.
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