Best AMD Gaming PC Components?

I would like some advice.
I want to build a budget gaming PC capable of BF3, Skyrim, World of Tanks, etc.

I have done quite a bit of research and will go over the components I want in my build.

CPU: FX-4170 or 8350

GPU: GIGABYTE 7870 OC Edition



RAM: Not sure.


HDD: 1TB Western Digital Blue

I would like your help with these components.
what would you change and what components will work best?
I don't want the total cast to be more that 900$ but I am willing to go over if needed.
Thanks :)
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  1. Get a h77 and a i5-3570k. If you are going to be over clocking it, get the CM hyper 212.

    FX is not very good, so I wouldn't get it.

    For a gpu, get this

    The CM HAF 912 is probably one of the best cases for the money. It'll be fine, providing good airflow.

    For ram and use the promo code for $5 off too.

    For PSU
  2. thanks,I will look into it.
    Although, I would choose a Nvidia GPU if getting an Intel processor and a ATI Radeon GPU if getting an AMD processor.

    Also, I was thinking about getting the XFX 7870 but the temperature under load is to much for me (87c). The Gigabyte one is faster and runs at a maximum load temperature of 50c. That's a big difference. :)

    Thank you.
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