Which case? budget <70€

I'm building new compputer (i5 3570k, Asus p8z77-v, 8GB ram , HD 7850, Samsung F3 1TB-> later SSD)

I really like Antec three hundred two, but I have hard time finding it here :( I think I found one, but for 67€, but really wanted to give a bit less for the case 50€ was the initial plan or even 40€, but than decided not to go for the totaly cheap stuff)

So was looking here for additional cases, watched the reviews and I found these available here as well:

Xigmatek Asgard Pro 46€
NZXT. Source 210 Elite 54€
BitFenix Shinobi Core USB3.0 56€
Sharkoon T5 Value 59€
COOLER MASTER Silencio 450 RC-450 65€

Is there any quality difference between the cases, in reviews they all look about the same to me, quite sturdy, enough room, cable managment... I don't care about the color inside or a window (prefer without). What is important to me is good airflow and quality and some thought on anti vibrations (am still dealing with solutions of my cheaper case vibrating because of disk in my older system).

What is a good option and what are the shortcomings if you can add please :D thank youuu
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    The only thing about the Antec threehundred two, is the USB3.0 connector is quite stiff from what I have read in the reviews otherwise it is a very good case. I would still go with the Antec out of all the ones you listed. Just be very careful if you plan to use the USB 3.0
  2. Thank you.
    So the quality is way better for the higher price? I am still leaning towards it. A short list of pros and cons or short comparison of others to antec would be sweet as well.
    I also like corsair 300R it is 76€ although I'm not sure I would go that high in price for the case, how does it stack up to antec? Is it waaay better and worth additional money? I saw it has rubber for disk mounting does it make it quieter than antec system?
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