Will this video card fit in my case?

Ok here are the parts : http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/aSu3 So will this video card (And everything else) fit in my case? Thanks
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  1. Yes. I have that case myself(for now), it has 10.6" of clearance with all drive bays installed, with the middle one open it has 12"+ of clearance, 12.9 I think. With you having 1 hard drive, you could easily fit just about any card in there.

    Myself I have 4 drives and only have the 10.6" of clearance which is why I say I own it for now.
  2. Thanks! :)
  3. You're welcome.
  4. Yeah I have the 7870 and they're about the same size - you'll have plenty of room.
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