My question I quess is simple. Is the plastic that your p.c. case is sent to you in, anti static?

Thanks guys.
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  1. They don't sent it in plastic. They send it in a foam type of thing. Or that's what I got in my rose will challenger. It might vary between cases, but I'm not sure. But there is no reason to have a anti static plastic that your pc case is shipped in.
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    No, it's not anti-static. It's just to keep any excess moisture from getting into your system most likely. Nothing to fear, however, as once your components are inside your PC case, there is generally no static.
  3. Okay thanks guys. I was just wondering if it would affect the wiring for my fans. I guess if I think about it, without any power running through it nothing can go too wrong(I hope).
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  5. Hey I am also looking for such useful information. Just want to say Thank u guys.

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