hard drive being accessed

I have a problem with my hard drive being accessed about every two seconds. I've tried using winbench 2000 startup manager and disabled everything at startup. using sisoft these are the programs it says I have running at startup.


Anyone have any idea what could be going on? My other puter has all the same programs going and no hard drive access.

here are the specs if it helps

Epox 8k7a+
T-Bird 1.4
IBM 40 gig
Linksys lan card
SB live
2 x 256 crucial ECC 2100 DDR
Sony CD 52X
Imation CDR
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  1. are you using win2k there?

    anyhow... of those programs you can terminate most of them without effecting anything. if something is affect, just restart the program or reboot.

    kernel32 - critial. dont delete
    systray - also very important
    the rest - hmmm. some look decidedly dodgey . terminate each on in serise and see if/when you hdd problem ceases.
    if you find out which one is doing it, then edit your startup folder and whats loaded at startup to prevent if from loading again.
    many windows tools programs can do this.

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  2. Linksys lan card

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  3. I'm using winme. I've disabled all the programs that I can except systray using winbench 2000. Is there another good program I can try to disable programs at startup? Hitting ctrl-alt-del shows only explorer and systray running.
  4. As for the lan card I've disconnected the computer from the network and it made no diffrence. Do you think I should try pulling the card out?
  5. hmms. doubt that would help.
    say... have you got any SMART drive monitoring running? (usually enabled/disabled from the bois)

    as for startup managers, i believe winme, like 98, has one builtin.
    cant quite remember the name of it.
    there is also tweakui, tweakall, and X-tech.
    u might want to try this though, aimed for win-me


    i havnt used it so dont blame me if it sucks.
    i prefer win2k as well.
    hope you find a hidden program.

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  6. If you are using WindowsME, then the likely cause is the PC Health Scheduler running in the background. Settings/Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks/PC Health Scheduler.

    If this is the problem, I can discuss further.

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  7. hmms. daft ME.
    (has a low opinion of ME)

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  8. I have the scheduled tasks disabled so I don't think it can be that.
  9. I think your right about winme, I should just save up the cash and get 2000
  10. Just trying to be helpful. I don't think unchecking the box in the lower left hand corner turns it off. Take a look at the details of how often it is scheduled to run, etc.

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  11. can you take ME back to where u got it and get a refund/swap?

    "save"... as in save money to BUY win2k???
    umm... i havent "purchaced" an operating system since... um...err...
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    see? *holds up CD* it says original copy of a copy!

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  12. I'd have to agree with you. I have a friend who has almost $100,000 worth of software sitting on his computer. And yes, he paid for all of it, of course...
    I love CD burners. Imagine photocopying a book or something. So much harder. Book piracy. Hehehe.

    Anyhow, back to your original question. The 95/98/ME kernel is notorious for bad memory use. So, if you don't have enough RAM to keep Windows off of your swapfile (which isn't really a problem), then it could be writing to the hard drive instead. I doubt that's the problem, but just a thought.

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