Why is my system so loud?

I have the setup in my signature and when i play NBA 2K12 for 15-20 minutes it starts to get really loud why is that? If there is a solution let me know.
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  1. Which 460W CM PSU? Not that it makes much difference, they are all crap. It's probably actually capable of about 400W.

    The Tt V3 comes with one fan. Where did you put the other two and which way are they pointed and what brand and model?

    The noise is surely coming from the video card, but why it is getting so warm isn't yet known. Case fans, PSU, dust in the card, overly aggressive fan profile....

    Make sure you have the latest driver for the 8800 GT.
  2. I'm assuming that you loud noise is fan noise and it's coming from your video card judging by your description and you'll need to find out why the video card is heating up. You can take the side panel off the cse and put a fan aimed at the video card to see if that would make it not heat up so fast plus with the side panel off it gives the fans on the video card fresh ai to use. If you have a front case fan is there some obstructions to keep the flow of air from circulating through the case?
    You can download the Nvidia inspector and use it to help with your problem.


    Also with the side panel off you can try to see if it is the video card for sure or something else.
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