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So, about 1 and a half years ago I built a computer.
Today when I was browsing, not doing anything that would put any serious load on anything my computer just *** down without any BSOD.
When I tried restarting it, nothing happened.
I tried pulling the power cable for a few second and plugging it back in, this caused the fans(cpu, gpu and case) to get about one spin and then everything died again.
When I pressed the power button on my PSU it made a slight electrical popping sound and had a slight burnt smell.

Is it safe to say that the PSU is dead, or might there be other causes?
Just want to make sure before I start ordering new parts.
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    did it sound and look like that if so hopefully when your power supply committed suicide it did not take anything out with it.
    your going to need a new ps to start with.
  2. no, nothing as extreme as that, and as said it still makes the fans sort of start when I cycle power.
    when it originally shut off it was like a power outage, no sounds of flashes.
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