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hey guys,
i am willing to build a new system and here are the components i chose

1. intel corei7 3770k

2. asus p8z77-v pro (mobo)

3. G.skill trident x 16GB (4*4)

4. Kingston HyperX KHX-FAN Fans (RAM COOLER)

5. Noctua nh-d14 (CPU COOLER)

6. AMD Radeon HD 7970 (3d card)

7. CORSAIR Professional Series HX850

8. SSD Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC

Please pass some comments about my build plus i am confused as i heard noctua is too big for normal mobos.. i want to ask will all of the above mentioned components could work together ? if yes what Computer Case Should i use ?? and at what configurations should i use this system as a whole as i am a newbie to OC thing but i want to (a bit atleast ):D

your feedback will be highly appreciated. thanks!
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  1. What's the budget? And is it a gaming or professional system? Knowing that will help determine what the final build will look like.
  2. You will have to give some more info on what the computer will be used for and what you intend for future upgrades.
    The reason is that the 850w psu would only be needed if your going with multiple video cards.
    The 16gb would only be needed for any kind of video work or graphic design and not gaming.
    The Noctua cooler while is very good is a giant cooler and for someone who is new to overclocking you really don't need that cooler and can use a smaller efficient cooler.
    I would go with a larger SSD as a 64gb will fill up quick and you will have to be always watching what your downloading and installing. You will have to change the default destination drive from the C drive to the secondary one. I don't see a regular HDD listed and you most certianly can't run the Pc on a 64gb SSD only.
  3. First of all, You need to post what you are going to be primarily using the computer for, what resoltuion your monitor is capable of and what future upgrades you are possibly looking into.

    CPU - Ivy bridge is good, but overclocking Ivy can be very risky if not done with absolute precision by an experienced overclocker. The reason for this is that IVY Bridge has been widely reported to run up to 20C hotter than Sandy Bridge when overclocked to certain clock speeds and voltages ( about 1.25V and 4.5GHz usually ). This could be a result of the distance the transistors are from the thermal paste or even possibly the material they used to make these transistors. So unless you are really banking on overclockability or Hyperthread-ability, then just go with 2600k -- Sandy is very overclockable and temps will be no where as high as Ivy when pushed to 4.4+ GHz range.

    GPU - Your good.

    Ram - unless you are looking to use heavy 3D modeling and video rendering and encoding applications, 16GB is overkill.

    Both coolers are ok.

    Mobo- Good

    PSU - 850 watts is totally overkill unless you are looking to SLI your 7970s, even 750 Watts would be enough in that scenario. If you are running a single GPU setup then get a reliable 650W PSU, that will be more than enough to supply power to all your components.

    SSD - Refer to inzone. If you are looking to only store your OS on that SSD then that's an good size but if your looking to store anything else, it would be necessary to buy a bigger SSD as the OS will hog up most of the 64GBS
  4. really appreciate quick responses, thanks guys.

    @ g-unit well basic purpose of the system is GAMING only, infact dont want to upgrade my system for few years thats why i am not considering budget.

    @ inzone i am planning to use SSD to store OS only

    looked over many comparisons and found ivy bridge much impressive than sandy.
    - about PSU, i may plan SLI so chose HX850 to be on safe side

    what do u guys suggest??
    what computer case should i use ???
    what modifications should i make in my selected components??

    can above mentioned coolers be used together in same mentioned mobo with 7970 HD Radeon ?
  5. Yes all nice, but depending on your budget/uses, this could be better!

    As bctande1 said, your PSU is way overkill, get the Corsair HX650 and save some money!

    It may be worth getting Ivy Bridge, as you are getting a z77 Motherboard, which is better suited to Ivy!

    That RAM is WAAAAAAYYY overkill, 16gb is not neccesary for gaming, and only needed for extreme video editing, get this -

    Hope i helped :)
  6. ofcourse, thanks!

    but what about frequencies? i choosed G Skill Trident X 2400MHZ bcoz its specifically designed for Ivy Bridge with XMP1.3 enabled just thinking why not to get max if i am going for IVY Bridge.
    wont it affect system over all performance ??
  7. If this is a strictly gaming build, Go 2500k or 2600k if you need the Hyper-threading.

    Ivy is sort of a catch 22 for gamers because the adveritsed 22nm process doesn't necessary facilitate the overclocking proccess most gamers are likely to undertake because of the heating issues I stated in my previous reply. Whether you are concerned with temps or not, Sandy would be better for overclocking becuase you can push it to higher clock speeds and volts without running 90C+ temperatures; Ivy is yet to prove it's overclocking prowess.

    Additionally, you will not gaming any substantial boost in FPS from going IVY unless you are looking to use Intel HD 4000 graphics as your main GPU, which is obviously not the case here.

    The only reason I would recommend Ivy would be for enthusiasts and 3D modelers that would benefit from Hyper-threading; benchmarks have showed that the 3770k KICKS ASS in both single and hyper-threaded applications, as opposed to the 3930k which is a superior Hyper-threader by about 15% but an inferior single-threader by a whopping 45%!

    But if you are a gamer, there is no real advantage of going IVY( maybe PCIE 3.0), but that doesn't really improve performance by that much.
  8. pashu said:
    ofcourse, thanks!

    but what about frequencies? i choosed G Skill Trident X 2400MHZ bcoz its specifically designed for Ivy Bridge with XMP1.3 enabled just thinking why not to get max if i am going for IVY Bridge.
    wont it affect system over all performance ??

    No, unnoticeable performance increase, look at this:

    Trust me when i say that RAM is overkill to the point of being a complete waste!
    Save the $140 or so and get a 256gb SSD, so you can store all your OS, programs, Games and more on a ridiculously fast SSD!
    You'll enjoy a large SSd more than 16gb of RAm clocked at 2400mhz!
  9. Ram speeds these days BARELY affect CPU performance these days theres little to no reason to even bother going over 1600mhz.. let alone 16GB lol
  10. cant remove RAM or PROCESSOR from the list as it has already been ordered but still left with rest of the components, so any further suggestions with rest of the components will be highly appreciated. thank you much
  11. no body mentioned that

    G.skill trident x cant be used with Noctua nh-d14 unless we remove its head spreaders ? plus would we still be able to use
    Kingston HyperX KHX-FAN Fans (RAM COOLER) ???
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