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I have about $400CAD to spend on a new computer. I use Sony Vegas.
I have narrowed it down to the FX 6100($110) and the Phenom II X6 1045T($90). After reading a few reviews, it seems to close to call so I need some expert advice.

Ultimately I'd like to spend as little as possible and I'm open to going to States to pick up some components as I will be there in a couple weeks.

I intend on getting a 120GB SSD($90) and use my 1.5TB for storing files. Will using the SSD be a good investment or should I get a cheaper hard drive?
I wanted to use on board graphics and buy a GPU in the new year.

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    I would go with the Phenom II X6 1045t, the FX 6100 needs a good overclock to perform as good as the Phenom. In addition, the Phenom has 6 real cores whereas the FX-6100 has 3 execution cores and 6 threads. Also if speed is important go for the SSD but I prefer traditional hard drives, I do not mind the wait but they last longer (much longer) than a SSD. If you want a good on-board video card then you should pick a good motherboard.
  2. Thanks socialfox!

    Will this motherboard suffice:

    Or should I get 900 series board plus a GPU?

    If I really don't need a dedicated GPU for editing I'd rather not buy it that's I wanted to wait till the new year to test it and see how I like it.
  3. 880G chipset is excellent with its integrated Radeon HD4250. As long as you don't want to take advantage of GPU acceleration, I say scrap the GPU :)

    On a side note, do you need this rig now and is there a possibility of you increasing your budget? With the FX-8320 being around ~$160, it's a great rendering CPU for the cost. If you overclock it moderately, it'll be one heck of a performer as well.

    You can't beat 8 threads munching on data :lol:
  4. Yes just like mocchan said the motherboard is great and that increasing your budget can really help with your video editing.
  5. Unfortunately the FX-8320 and I5 are just out of the question. Being an amateur, I can't justify spending all that money for a better system considering I have used some extremely SLOW computers to render video. The Phenom II with the 880G will be a HUGE upgrade compared to what I'm using now.

    I was looking at those charts and I wouldn't be able to afford any of those or similar cards. If I were to get an HD 6670 will I notice any difference when using GPU acceleration?
  6. A netbook for pictures and a 6 year old desktop for video. LOL I'm a pretty patient guy. The lag when using lightroom was bearable until recently and I won't even touch any of my video. I was trying to avoid buying a desktop but the time has come!
  7. Its an Athlon 64 x2 I believe.
  8. Umm my X2 is a dual core running at 1.8ghz...

    I will be going with the 1045T thanks for all the help guys!
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