IMaster PRO 500w for HD 7770

This is my power supply Im thinking of buying 7770 to run games like sleeping dogs, skyrim etc. at 1080p. This power supply doesnt have 6 pin pcie connector, so im thinking of buying some 6pin pcie to molex connector. Is this safe?

I just found out my PSU had a 6 pin + 2 pin pcie connector. :D

another question. how about HD 7850? can my PSU power it?
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  1. Your link is broken, could you post it again so we can see the specifications? Generally speaking, however, I don't think you would run into too much issues. The Radeon HD7770 is a very power efficient card so I don't think you would have any troubles even if your PSU seems to be a no-name.

    I would, however, recommend swapping it out for something more reliable such as a Corsair CX430V2 ASAP.
  2. here is the link

    so it is safe to use 6pin pcie to molex connector?
  3. Right now, I can't tell. A google search did not bring up any sites with specifications for your current PSU.

    Can you tell me the specifications of the PSU? There should be a label on the side of the PSU with all the voltage/amperage.
  4. okay i will tak a picture of it. :D
  5. another question. how about HD 7850? can my PSU power it?
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    I still can't find any decent information about your PSU, however, the specs seem like they would suffice for either the HD7770 or HD7850 :) You have nothing to worry about.
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  8. Thank you.
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