MSI 680. New Product. Available on Newegg!

Auto-Notify didn't work for me, but I refresh every so often if I am online! I scored two, one for me, one for the wife.

Get it while it lasts!
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    Good Find!!
  2. From the product search its there but when you actually open it the product is out of stock -_-

  3. Well, it became now out stock. 15 mins ago were in stock.
  4. Awwww...sorry guys:( I had hoped to give Tom's readers an edge! Next time!
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  6. FYI: I do have 2x 6870's for sale now...PM for a good deal.
  7. One XFX DD 6870 P/N:HD-687A-ZDFC
    One XFX Black Edition 6870 P/N:HD-687A-ZNBC

    DD 6870 DOES have the 2nd Lifetime Warranty available still.
    BE 6870 does NOT.

    BE 6870: $105.00 with shipping
    DD 6870: $140.00 with shipping

    Both for $230.00 with shipping.

    Paypal preferred. Other means are possible however.
  8. I'm kind of wary of the one fan. I like MSI Twin Frozr II OC, but this only has one fan. Any particular reason you guys like this one over the others?
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