New cpu or ok?

I have a dell 435t from a couple of years old. i7 bloomfield 920 radion hd 5870. thinking about getting a 660ti. should i start a new build or is my 920 ok for now with that gpu. going to use for gaming and htpc
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  1. pc will be hooked up to my 60 lg tv. i am not stuck on the 660ti. really a question of the cpu
  2. Your CPU is perfectly fine. I would, however, suggest scrapping the idea of a GTX660 Ti and investing in a Radeon HD7950. The GTX660 Ti's castrated memory bandwidth will hold it back severely in the future -,3283-11.html
  3. mocchan said:
    Your CPU is perfectly fine. I would, however, suggest scrapping the idea of a GTX660 Ti and investing in a Radeon HD7950. The GTX660 Ti's castrated memory bandwidth will hold it back severely in the future -,3283-11.html

    thank you.i am not stuck on 660ti . just worried about my cpu. its not overclocked and i will not be oc it. how long will that cpu be good for playing games at max with a new gpu?
  4. I would give it another year or two :) The first generation i7's are roughly equivalent to the i5 2500k's in gaming if I remember correctly.

    You will still achieve very playable frame rates in the end :)
  5. what about the i7 ivy. i am going to be ok with a good gpu for new games like block ops 2, bioshock infinite, and such? thanks for responding so quickly.
  6. Games don't utilise Hyperthreading so the i7 2600k/i7 3770k and i5 2500k/i5 3570k are IDENTICAL performance wise :)

    As long as you have a very powerful GPU backing up your i7 920 (which the HD7950 is), you will be 100% fine for the new titles that will be releasing.
  7. thank you for getting back with me. 7950 good choice? what are your choices? ati vs nvidia? i have had both. prefer nvidia. ati driver issues.
  8. The Radeon HD7950 is a GREAT choice. It's the best GPU you can purchase at the ~$300 price point at the moment due to it's MASSIVE performance potential once overclocked. It performs great at stock settings as well.

    And I don't have a personal preference :) I've used a GTX560 Ti and a Radeon HD6870. I've had driver issues with both solutions and generally I'm pleased with both Nvidia and AMD/ATI.

    For me, it comes down to who has the better price/performance at a given price point. And at the ~$300 price point, AMD just happens to have that crown at the moment :)
  9. Amd might have less some featureslike PhysX and etc,
    But all this doesnot really counted in majority of games, for 300 price point, 7950 is the u can get or with just a little fund get the gtx 670,

    Mocchan have told u many great advice, and dont worry about Nvidia vs Amd
    Both is supperb.
    At least before fanboy come here.
  10. I've had both in the past (Nvidia vs. AMD) and both have their issues and advantages but atm I would consider AMD to be ruling this gen of graphics cards. I own 2 7950s in CF (both OCd) and they kick ass even for my Eyefinity setup.

    Of course you don't need 2 if your just gaming on one monitor :P
  11. thanks all for the responses.
  12. The 920 is great it was my first CPU and I replaced it with a 2500k this year. I didn't see any performance difference. The 920 has been out for years but still holds up great! :)
  13. I have dell 435. x58, dell 0x501h motherboard. will it support the 670 or 7950?
  14. Since your motherboard had a Radeon HD5850 installed in the first place, this tells me that it has at least PCI-E 2.0.

    Long story short, yes, your motherboard will support either a GTX670 or Radeon HD7950 just fine. PCI-E is fully backwards compatible so PCI-E 3.0 cards will work in PCI-E 2.0 slots just fine as well.
  15. I would bother upgrading the CPU until 2015 when Intel releases Skylake.

    I believe Haswell is just going to have a relatively small performance increase over Ivy Bridge when it is released next year. The primary improvement will be in reduced power consumption most notably for laptop and table versions of that CPU.

    Broadwell is going to be released in 2014 and it should have a good performance increase compared to Haswell. But it is the last of the socket 1150 CPU series. Skylake will require a new socket in 2015.
  16. you might be able to just change the power supply. see if the dell will allow for a stronger power supply instead of making a new system.
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