Losing power GTX 590 quad sli

I run 2 EVGA GTX 590s in quad sli. Lately when I'm playing a game the screen will go black and it will say no signal on the monitor. When I look inside the case one of the video cards lights have gone off, indicating that it lost power. When I reboot the machine everything comes up normal and there is no record of a blue screen or driver crash.

This never happens during a benchmark while testing both cards individually or together, seems like it only happens while playing a game. Has happened on many different games. I have spoken to EVGA and tested the cards for artifacts and overheating and they think it is the PSU.

Here's my specs

Asus Rampage III Black Edition
Thermaltake Toughpower 1500 PSU
2 X EVGA GTX 590 Classifieds in Quad SLI
Crucial 128GB SSD
Corsair Dominator DDR3 Triple Channel 12GB

I should add that I have run memtest86 and verified that the memory is fine

Also I have the Video cards hooked up with 4 dedicated PCIE 8 pin cables (2 per card)

And the question is.....WTF is the problem? PSU, Video Card, or MOBO?
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  1. well PSU is still under warranty (5 years) so I'll just RMA it
  2. *Update*

    Spoke to Thermaltake, they don't think anything is wrong with the PSU, they did say I could RMA it anyway just to rule it out. They were leaning more towards a problem with the Motherboard since the 12V voltage is 12.306 and never fluctuates.

    Calling Asus......
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