Need Video Card Upgrade for Diablo III

I built my system a few years ago as follows:

Intel Core 2 Quad core Q6600 @ 2.4GHZ (have overclocked to 3.6GHZ)
Gigabyte mobo - P35DS3P
Windows XP Professional

I think the bottleneck is obviously going to be the video card even though it's probably playable. If I were to upgrade my video card, my question is to what? I haven't been following the latest advances, but it looks like my video card is pretty dated. I'm hoping I can spend ~$100 or less to plug and play an upgrade.

Thanks for your help.

:pt1cable: <-- had to add that guy cause it's funny
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  1. That card can handle D3 just fine, probably on high. D3 does not require a lot of power.

    If you feel you need to upgrade, you can get a Radeon 6750 for $100 on Newegg.

    Even better, the one in the post above mine!
  2. This was linked on another D3 thread:

    A few posts in someone was talking about high settings on a 9500GT, which is way weaker than your card. Save your money if you aren't gonna play any more graphics-intensive games, yours will do fine for D3.
  3. I think your system will be fine. The D3 beta ran well with an 8600 GTS and C2D E6750, on low and medium. Didn't try it on high, just not A LOT of variation between low and high.
  4. Video card manufacturers are really having a good time with Diablo 3 :)
    Everybody wants to upgrade their video card for that game, it's amazing. Much more than other parts of the system, because of Blizzard not requiring top notch computers to play their games (but a good video card still being important).
  5. Ok, thanks for the replies. Assuming those are all compatible with the rest of my system, I'm probably set but feel free to add more opinions. The diablo III website recommends a GeForce 260 is why I asked, and I'm seeing that card blows mine out of the water. Good to know I can get a cheap upgrade if need be though.

    Lots of Diablo/Diablo II fans like me are finally upgrading their systems after a very long wait. Most of us got so old that we have families now and don't have time for gaming. But Diablo III is bringing us out of retirement. :o <-- not as good but still
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