PC133 or PC100?

Hey Guys,

Can you tell just by looking at a DIMM whether it's PC133 or PC100? If so, can you let me in on the secret?


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  1. Well, the one's I've seen have a sticker on the memory stick.

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  2. There are plenty that don't, however. So you just have to test it at 133 and see if it works :)

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  3. Drop it in . Set the BIOS to 133. If it farts, it's 100.
  4. Not by "just looking," but try a program like CTSPD.

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  5. Use CTSPD to make sure your PC133 is really PC133, not PC100. Then check the BIOS and make sure it's running at a 133 FSB. Hopefully you won't have to clear the CMOS. Don't forget about the PCI and AGP, you don't want those running out of spec. Is it ATX or AT? What about your ATA and UDMA? Are your CPU and GPU running within recommended temperatures? You might want to upgrade that PSU, 100w is simply not enough.
    Oh, and don't forget about the 10/100 NIC and the 16x DVD with a built in 12/10/32 CD-RW.

    And if you don't get the point of all of that, you're a bigger nerd than I am.

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  6. The benchmarking program Sandra 2001 also can tell you what ram you have.
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  7. If you can find it printed on the chip itself. From my own observation, those labelled as PC100 and PC133 use 8ns and 7.5ns chips respectively. Usually you can see these numbers (8 and 7.5) printed on the memory chips itself if not in coded form.

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  8. I had some PC100 by Hyundai that was 6ns. It wouldn't even run 133. Must have been a latency issue or something.

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  9. Hey there is still money to be made with it, lol. That's why it's PC100.The producer, in my opinion, should at least remove that 6ns print. Then again, that cost money too. Like in PCB. A PCB should be a PCB with no hard wiring. But sometimes you can still see a card or two with hard wiring. I myself don't mind buying it if it works and the price should be cheap too.

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