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hi guys i recently built my first computer :D i went without a graphics card for now and i will be needing one in the near or month future. I would like to beast the heck out of minecraft and maybe get into pc gaming. my specs are the following

i5 3570k
8 gb ram
cosair 500 watt power supply
asrock z77 pro3
case-powerspec vortex 3620

i am hoping that i will not need another cooler for this gpu seeing that i am using stock cpu heatsink. i would just appriciate some feedback thank you guys :D
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    If want to overclock, get this and OC to your wildest dreams; XFX's warranty covers overclocking.

    If not, the 6850 offers slightly better performance at stock for a tad less.

    This is all perfect for entry level games, and can play more demanding titles at high/medium settings smoothly.
  2. will this get me maybe bf3 on med?
  3. Spicy_benie said:
    will this get me maybe bf3 on med?

    Yep. The 6850 gets 40 FPS on high settings on BF3, and similar results should be expected from a 7770 OC.
  4. ok sense its cheap mayb ill get it for b-day in september or i can just use some of dat lawn mowin money :D
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