What HDMI to VGA cables/adapters do I need for my dual screen?

I have two monitors and would like to set up a dual screen, extended desktop for my pc. My video card has a VGA and an HDMI output. One monitor has a VGA and a DVI input, the other monitor only has a VGA input. The first should be the primary (currently in use, VGA to VGA). The other will be used for email, occasional IM, and such.

I have a very limited budget. I need to know if I need to go from HDMI on the pc to the VGA on the second monitor, or HDMI on the pc to DVI on the first monitor. I assume there won't be any issues with VGA to VGA on the other monitor either way.

Also, not sure if a simple HDMI to VGA (or HDMI to DVI) cable will convert signal or if I need a special adapter or converter. I appreciate any help I can get on finding a cheap solution. (I also looked at USB to VGA adapters, but they seem more expensive than I'd like).
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    Unless the monitors are different sizes you should make the monitor with the VGA cable the second monitor and the monitor with the HDMI cable the primary monitor because the HDMI to DVI is a digital connection and would give a better picture. The VGA is an Analog connection.

    You should get a HDMI to DVI cable;

    There is no converting necessary because the only difference between HDMI and DVI is that the HDMI cable will carry the audio signal and DVI does not.
  2. Thank you Inzone. I was really hoping I'd only need a cable. Also, it's good to know that I can get a better picture with the HDMI to DVI. I was about to buy a HDMI to VGA cable but kept reading that it wouldn't work between all devices and wanted to make sure I was getting the right thing.

    I'll get the cable you suggested and let you know how it goes when I get it all set up. I'm excited to finally get a dual screen system. Thanks again for your help.
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  4. I've got that cable, plugged it in and nothing happens. Im I missing something, do I need a driver for it.
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